New Office Design Trends

07 Sep New Office Design Trends

Carry the Outdoor to Indoor!

While making office design, specialists are trying to collect the factors together that the employees miss during their work. For instance, the things mostly dreamed by the employees working indoor are the factors that relax us which show up in life and natural places and that relieves us when we see them. Trees, green, clear air and a glittering sun… In fact the work to be done to achieve this is not hard. You will have carried the outdoor to indoor by choosing the natural wooden office furniture, having lots of flowers and plants in the environment, a unit that provides fresh air and a lighting system close to that of sun light.


Multi-purpose working places

The reality that the design professional altogether accept is: “transformation does not happen rapidly.” Transformable and changeable products get importance in the multi-purpose offices. The products should give you opportunity, for instance meetings are held standing where everybody is active instead of meetings with people sitting. For a meeting like this, a standard working table with a height of 70-75 cm should be easily converted to a meeting table in order not to lose time. This is only possible with a table if its height is adjustable.


Separated Lounge Areas

Contrary to the facts of business life that eliminate the loss of time and allows to act quickly, it is important to have separate areas apart from that dynamism that people accept the meetings requested by third party companies, the life flows slower and as a result of this the subjects discussed are understood much better. This may be seen as the funny part of the time period being lived/to be lived during the day.


Offices are being organized with colors!

Specialists emphasize that colors are the most helpful facts to give the massage of the environment. Colors can make the environment joyful and creative. The second helper in this subject are the products and accessories chosen.


Meeting Tables

Specialists emphasize that the meeting tables are cultural indicators. Not only the meetings held in the offices, meetings held in any restaurant or broad participation meetings in a hotel are also examples of cultural indication. The thing we call indication became a meaningful object for ages. This area is a more important place in the offices. Targets, strategies, periodical plans are determined or brought to maturity in here. Meeting tables that one can move more easily with compared to the old ones give more opportunity for cooperation and interaction. Technology is the most significant indicator of this. As long as the technology is integrated to the environment and the product you use, the meetings will be that much efficient and interactive.


Different tissues

Specialists emphasize that the usage of different materials is a case that is seen more in recent times and this enhances the creativity of the office employees. Moreover it is a known reality that, to be together with different colors and tissues enhances the ability of the individual to create different alternatives. Thus you can make a customized work environment to yourself with different tissues and alternatives.


Fall of the routine and boring systems

Flexibility is a growing and everyday developing fact in new office trends. Different needs, continuously changing and developing, stuff the inside of flexibility fact more. Offices and products that can keep pace to this, that have no taboos and that are transformable and changeable will also continue to work in the future. 



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